Tom Barden, President & COO

Tom Barden, the President and COO of the Seattle Seawolves, is a champion of enthusiasm and commitment, channeling over three decades of experience from his illustrious career at Accenture into the heart of rugby. With retirement in 2015 not signaling the end but a new beginning, Tom pivoted his expertise in teamwork, problem-solving, and stellar customer service to the thrilling world of the Seawolves. His day-to-day is a fervent mix of engaging with fans, liaising with investors, negotiating with vendors, and diving deep into the club’s operations, all rooted in a philosophy of relentless betterment and a strong community focus.

Tom’s role is underpinned by a genuine love for the culture of rugby, making his investment in the club not just financial but deeply personal. “The opportunity to work in sports and be around ‘rugby people’ was impossible to pass up,” he says. His favorite part of each match – the pre-match fireworks – don’t hurt either. Far more than a figurehead, Tom’s blend of professional acumen and earnest love of the sport makes every match an exciting chapter in his story with the Seawolves.