Olivia Malifa, Head of Marketing and Communications

Olivia Malifa, Head of Marketing and Communications for the Seattle Seawolves, oversees a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including managing media and PR requests, crafting social media content, spearheading ticketing and team shop sales campaigns, and driving outreach efforts to elevate brand awareness. Her role extends to managing the marketing budget and overseeing the creative and execution of advertising campaigns. Olivia brings over 20 years of marketing and events management experience to the team. She is the Founder and Director of SOAR Media, a marketing agency which has been recognized by Allie Awards for Best Event, Agency Spotter awards for Social Media, Branding, and Digital, and the DesignRush award in 2024.

Olivia’s passion for rugby and her allegiance to the Seattle Seawolves – strengthened, of course, by her husband being a Seawolves coach – fueled her desire to help shape the team’s success. Her favorite aspect of match day is the opportunity to meet new fans and watch the Seawolves dominate on the field! Olivia’s rich background in sports marketing includes roles such as Marketing Manager for Rugby ATL from 2018 – 2020 and overseeing all marketing campaigns for Willow TV from 2020 – 2023. Olivia Malifa’s expertise and passion uniquely equip her to lead the Seattle Seawolves’ marketing to exciting new victories.