Devin Alton, Operations Intern

Devin Alton, the Operations Intern for the Seattle Seawolves, is a vital part of the engine driving the team forward. Each day, he handles a diverse range of tasks, from managing merchandise logistics to coordinating performers for matches. With a degree from Menlo College and a Master’s in Sports Entertainment Management on the horizon, his academic background has equipped him with the skill to greatly boost the team’s efficiency. This, combined with valuable experience from a stint with the Sacramento River Cats, makes Devin’s understanding of the sports industry invaluable to our operations.

But beyond his professional duties, Devin is deeply embedded in the Seawolves community. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to interact directly with fans and corporate investors. His passion electrifies on match days as he greets fans, ensures the team and staff are in top form, and soaks up the energy that fills the stadium. His athletic background, spanning college basketball to golf, coupled with his knack for crafting unforgettable sports experiences, cements his role as an indispensable part of the Seattle Seawolves family.